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An appropriate method is proposed for identifying permanent faults from transient faults in double-circuit transmission lines. This method could be used in adaptive single phase auto-reclosures in order to diagnose between permanent and transient faults, determine extinguishing time of the secondary arc, and calculate issuing time of reclosing commands during the occurrence of transient single phase to ground faults. The proposed method is based on harmonic analysis of the adjacent healthy circuit and could be an effective solution for blocking permanent disconnection of the power flow, improving stability, and maintaining the power network synchronism. In this paper, transient and permanent faults are simulated on a typical power system, and then current harmonics of the healthy circuit terminal are extracted and finally the proposed index for identifying the fault type is applied. In the case of transient faults, this method determines the minimum time needed for a fast successful adaptive reclosing in the network and thus prevents instability and nonsynchronism in both sides of the transmission line. Results of the various simulations run in EMTP-RV verifies accurate performance of the proposed approach.


Transient and permanent faults, double-circuit transmission lines, single phase auto-reclosure, EMTP-RV

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