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An eight-port X-band power splitter based on binary Wilkinson power splitter topology is presented in this paper. The proposed power splitter consists of three stages, with one, two, and four equal power splitters in the first, second, and third stages, respectively. The input power is divided equally between the eight outputs to provide an equal-split power splitter. Evaluation of the structure is carried out using even- and odd-mode techniques. An epoxy laminate FR4 substrate with thickness of 0.5 mm is chosen, while the designed power splitter is simulated using Keysight Advanced Design System 2019 and ANSYS High Frequency Structure Simulation. As the results indicate, excellent performance is obtained for the power splitter, with a reflection coefficient of -36.5 dB and an insertion loss of -9.32 dB at the 9.65 GHz center frequency. The proposed power splitter has the potential to be employed in radar and microwave systems, specifically in phased-array structures.


Power splitter, passive circuit, binary, integrated circuit

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