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This communication presents a miniaturised series linear wideband array of notched rectangular dielectric resonator antennas that operate in the band IEEE 802.11a. Three dielectric resonators (DRs) were excited through the aperture slots coupled with a microstrip feed. To improve the array gain, the aperture slots were placed based on the attributes related to the standing-wave ratio on a short-ended microstrip feeder to obtain optimal joint power for the DRs, while the bandwidth was improved using the notched rectangular DRs. An equivalent impedance model of the proposed array was postulated to provide physical insight into the array resonance behaviour. The impedance model was simulated using the Agilent Advanced Design System software and optimised to determine the DRs' dimensions. Then the array prototype was simulated and experimentally implemented. The maximum measured gain across a 1.68-GHz bandwidth was found to be 8.28 dBi. The antenna structure measured approximately $60 \times 40$mm, thereby making it a good component for wireless communication systems.


Antenna array, dielectric resonator antenna, gain, modelling, wideband

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