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Biometric methods are among the safest and most secure solutions for identity recognition and verification. One of the biometric features with sufficient uniqueness for identity recognition is the finger knuckle print (FKP). This paper presents a new method of identity recognition and verification based on FKP features, where feature extraction is combined with an entropy-based pattern histogram and a set of statistical texture features. The genetic algorithm (GA) is then used to find the superior features among those extracted. After extracting superior features, a support vector machine-based feedback scheme is used to improve the performance of the biometric system. Two datasets called Poly-U FKP and FKP are used for performance evaluation. The proposed method managed to achieve 94.91{%} and 98.5{%} recognition rates on the Poly-U FKP and FKP datasets and outperformed all of the existing methods in this respect. These results demonstrate the potential of this method as a simple yet effective solution for FKP-based identity recognition.


Entropy-based pattern, texture feature, genetic algorithm, biometric, finger knuckle print

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