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In electromechanical oscillation damping within power system, power system stabilizers (PSSs) are often deployed. However, a PSS is less effective in damping interarea oscillation and is limited by changes in network configuration due to weak tie-lines and load variations. Consequently, this paper presents a wide-area coordination approach that damps interarea oscillations using FACTS devices and phasor measurement units. We selected a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and static series synchronous compensator (SSSC) for realistic power system interarea oscillation damping. The performance of the coordinated FACTS installed in a power system depends on their suitable locations, sizes, tuned parameters, and remote input signal selection. Hence, we formulated a multiobjective problem to provide the STATCOM and SSSC's optimal solutions using multiobjective particle swarm optimization. In addition, we employed a participation factor to select suitable generator speed deviations as the wide area stabilizing signal. The proposed approach was tested on different configurations of the Kundur $2$-area $4$-machine test system within MATLAB and Psat environments. The outcome of the nonlinear simulation proved that the multimachine power system stability was enhanced.


FACTS devices, interarea oscillations, phasor measurement units, stability, wide-area, coordination

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