Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




In this paper a straightforward method for line independency-based modelling of electrical power distribution systems is proposed. The proposed method can determine the backward and forward sweeping routes of distribution systems for calculating line currents and bus voltages. To do that, the method identifies the independent lines in consecutive steps. An independent line is a line in the distribution system whose current does not depend on the current of other lines in the system. The proposed line independency-based network modelling is required to be performed only once and prior to the load flow analysis. The output of the proposed method, which is suitable for backward/forward load flow analysis, includes matrices which determine the steps, the order of lines, and the start and end points in the system for hierarchical calculation of currents and voltages. In this paper, the forward/backward approach is used as the load-flow algorithm since it is suitable for radial distribution systems with unbalanced loads. The proposed methodology is applied on two IEEE distribution systems and the results show its efficiency in load flow analysis.


Distribution system, backward/forward load flow, network modelling, independent lines

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