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In this article a thin hybrid multiband printed loop antenna is presented for application in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The proposed antenna has several advantages; for example, the pseudofilter feature of the proposed antenna is one of this antenna's advantages. Because of the antenna's width ($9.5$~mm), it can be used on the edges of the board. The first resonant frequency is generated by the original loop of the antenna. Incorporation of different embedded components, i.e. a subsidiary loop, extended ground-traces, parasitic patch, and the slits, results in the proposed antenna resonating as a multiband antenna. This antenna is adjusted in such a way that it resonant in WLAN ($2.4$, $5.2$, and $5.8$ GHz) and WiMAX ($3.5$~GHz) bands. Four antennas are used as a MIMO system that are sequentially and perpendicularly placed along the edges of the board. In conclusion, the antenna design is confirmed according to simulation results obtained from the constructed prototype and associated measuring results


Printed antenna, loop antenna, multiband, MIMO systems

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