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Information technologies give patients the opportunity to communicate with medical professionals remotely. Telemedicine uses these technologies to provide advanced healthcare and medical services. We present a medical online consultation application based on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) technology enabling chat, audio, and video calls. Communication architecture and protocols of the application are explained in detail. Additionally, the user interface of the application is shown via performed calls. The application is tested and evaluated on different network connections (3G, 4G, local, and DSL) and different browsers and mobile operating systems (Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, iOS, Opera, Safari). During calls, communication quality parameters such as round-trip time (RTT) and packet loss, obtained via the WebRTC application programming interface, are analyzed. 3G, 4G, and local connections show low packet losses ($$1 %) in Android, Chrome, iOS, Opera, and Safari for DSL connection, but RTT values are low ($


WebRTC, online consultation, video call, cross platform, telemedicine

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