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In order to accurately collect the electricity usage information from the smart meter which uses the power line for communication, this paper proposes the method of dynamic networking to enhance the reliability of the smart meter communication. We shall firstly establish a logical topology between the smart meter and the concentrator with reference to their communication paths within the power supply range of the same transformer, and then grade smart meters, and choose the relay for each level network based on the selection methods of relay, and finally use the improved ant colony algorithm to choose the optimal communication path for smart meters in the communicref1ref1ation range of multiple relays. Although the optimal path can be discovered quickly in this way, it cannot establish other communication paths in time when the collected data are abnormal. Therefore, on the basis of the characteristics of data, this paper uses the probabilistic neural network to determine the integrity of the data collected. If the collected data is abnormal, we will reconstruct communication network by choosing a new communication path between concentrator and smart meters. By means of the MATLAB simulation, we can automatically organize the network to improve the reliability of communication between the concentrator and smart meters, which is of great significance for the concentrator to collect the users' electricity usage information.


Power line, dynamic networking, logical topology, the ant colony algorithm, the characteristics of data

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