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Low leakage current junction-less double gate tunnel field-effect transistor (JLDGTFET) with narrow band gap material pocket region of $Si_{0.7}Ge_{0.3}$ shows increased band to band tunneling and sharp subthreshold characteristics to meet low power, high speed digital and memory applications. The proposed JLDGTFET exploits the junction-less behavior that supports reasonable values of ON/OFF currents as well as improved subthreshold parameters. First, the performance optimization of the JLDGTFET is carried out with different gate contact and oxide region materials in terms of $I_{ON}/I_{OFF}$ current ratio, subthreshold slope, and drain induced barrier lowering. The ON/OFF performance of the pocket $Si_{0.7}Ge_{0.3}$ JLDGTFET with cavity region is also examined to enhance the sensing capability for biomolecules present in the atmosphere that affect the dielectric constant of air present in the cavity and hence overall performance changes. The 2D/3D Visual TCAD tool is used to simulate novel thin body pocket $Si_{0.7}Ge_{0.3}$ JLDGTFET.


Junction-less double gate tunnel field-effect transistor, BTBT tunneling, heterojunction tunnel field-effect transistor, narrow band gap material

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