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In this paper, a new method to deal with automatic speaker verification based on band-limited phaseonly correlation (BLPOC) is proposed. The aim of this study is to validate the use of the BLPOC function as a new limited-data automatic speaker verification technique. Although some speaker verification techniques have high accuracy, efficiency usually depends on the extraction of complex theoretical information from speech signals and the amount of the data for training the algorithms. The BLPOC function is a high-accuracy biometric technique traditionally implemented in human identification by fingerprints (through image-matching). When applying the BLPOC function in automatic speaker verification through the proposed algorithms (under limited-data conditions), a 98.24% true acceptance rate (TAR) and 87.17% true rejection rate (TRR) in a custom database (and 93.75% TAR and 67.05% TRR in the ELSDSR database) were obtained. The proposed algorithm is a theoretically simple method for automatic speaker verification whose main advantage is that it can provide identification under limited-data conditions. In this sense, the BLPOC function could be applicable in other limited-data biometric identifications by sound signals.


Biometrics, limited data, speaker verification, text-dependent

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