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This paper proposes a bipolar quasi-Z-source active neutral point clamped inverter (QZS-ANPCI) topology. It acts as a buck/boost inverter (3-phase, 3-level) to integrate renewable energy resources under their fluctuating DC voltages. We propose a symmetrical/unsymmetrical boost modulation control technique to mitigate the DC-link unbalance voltage problem in an ANPC inverter. This worthwhile control technique exploits voltage-current closedloops on AC and DC sides to regulate the desired parameters. Moreover, the constant boost control (CBC) modulation has provided a switching sequence that generates a symmetrical/unsymmetrical full shoot-through (FST) state for boosting input DC voltage in the proposed inverter. Detailed loss and efficiency analysis is carried out to show its superior performance under the proposed scheme. Furthermore, the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the proposed QZS-ANPCI meets IEEE Standard-519. Simulink/MATLAB (MathWorks, USA) and PSIM (Powersim, USA) software programs are used to simulate the proposed topology. To verify the theoretical proposals and simulation results, we have developed an experimental prototype setup (1 kW). Both simulation results and experimental data show satisfactory agreement and support the theoretical postulates.


Z-source inverter, quasi-z-source inverter, buck/boost inverter, neutral point clamped inverter, active neutral point clamped inverter

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