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In this paper, the design and the finite element simulation of a novel magnetic-viscous vibration isolator have been presented. The proposed isolator consists of permanent magnets axially aligned in repulsion position and a viscous damper in parallel with them. The nonlinear spring characteristic of the permanent magnets provides a good damping property with this configuration. Explicit finite element analyses have been conducted to examine the dynamic behavior of the isolator. Output displacements and transmissibility ratios were measured for various magnet configurations, dashpot coefficients, and input displacement excitation frequencies to determine the best damping properties. The results of the finite element modeling revealed that the performance of the isolator is highly sensitive to the quantity of magnets. Isolators with four or more magnets can successfully reduce the output displacement. The results indicate that the isolator significantly reduces the displacement transmissibility in frequencies over the resonant frequency region. It is possible to ensure an infinite operating life for magnet-viscous vibration isolators by protecting the magnets against breakage.


Permanent magnet, nonlinear spring, vibration isolator, vibration analysis, finite element modeling

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