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The initiative to manage congestion has gained interest in the current deregulated scenario. The principle commitment of the work in this article is to extend the gravitational search algorithm (GSA) as an efficient metaheuristic optimizing algorithm to diminish the rescheduling cost and efficiently attenuate the overloading of the line with the minimal deviation in the active power generation. The congestion management drive is accomplished by prioritizing the generators based on their sensitivity values. Thereafter, the GSA is introduced to optimally minimize the rescheduling cost along with the minimization of the total amount of active power output and system losses. The potency of the proposed method is tested on the 39-bus New England System and the IEEE 30-bus system and 118-bus system, and the outcomes achieved with the GSA outperform the results reported with other algorithms.


Congestion management, generator rescheduling, gravitational search algorithm, generator sensitivity, optimization techniques, power flow

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