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Electrolyte current must be controlled in the water electrolysis systems. For this purpose, the power converter for the cell stack of the electrolyzer used in industrial hydrogen production is realized. A series resonant converter, which is suitable for high input voltage and low output current applications, is used as power stage of the electrolyzer. The high-frequency transformer is used for the impedance matching. While the system is running, the electrical resistance of the electrolyzer changes continuously; thus, fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is used to control the output current of the power converter. In this study, a 700-W converter prototype is designed and controlled by the frequency modulation technique in the range of 290--360 kHz. The converter is tested for different output currents and it is observed that the power switches are turned on under soft switching conditions while FLC closely follows reference inputs.


Fuzzy logic controller, resonant converter, soft switching, electrolysis

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