Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




In this paper, we consider the problem of online multicast routing in multichannel multiradio wireless mesh networks (WMNs). We propose an efficient online algorithm, namely zone-based multicast routing (ZBMR), which exploits network coding and wireless broadcast advantage. In the proposed algorithm, to investigate the acceptance of an arrived session in polynomial time, the WMN is divided into some zones. The derived zones are processed sequentially, where the zone processing is defined as connecting the receivers in a given zone to the session. The main challenge in this scheme is to enable data transmission to the receivers in each zone. If a zone does not contain the source node, it should obtain data from the previously processed neighboring zones. The problem is that the data transmission fails if there is no receiver on the common border between the considered zone and its processed neighboring zones. Our solution to tackle this challenge is to add some virtual receivers to the borders of the zones. The extensive simulations show that ZBMR increases the acceptance rate by 50 % in comparison to the previous approaches.


Wireless mesh network, online multicast routing, multichannel multiradio, network coding, polynomial time, wireless broadcast advantage

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