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This paper introduces a robust and noise-resilient compressed domain video watermarking technique for data authentication and copyright protection. In recent years, watermarking has emerged as an essential technique to be equipped with data transmission. The main challenge pertaining to transmission is to protect the watermark from noise introduced by the channel. Here, we address this issue by watermark replication and by using the independent pass coding (INPAC) algorithm for compression. A replicated watermark is embedded into the video by the proposed blind video watermarking algorithm and then the watermarked video is compressed by the INPAC algorithm. The compressed video is transmitted through binary symmetric channels and tested under various bit error rates to evaluate the proposed algorithm in noisy environments. The results obtained suggest that the proposed algorithm is capable of handling noise efficiently and the overhead due to key embedding is observed to be only about 3 %.


Watermarking, compressed domain, independent pass coding, noise-resilient, key generation

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