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In this paper, we propose a new accuracy measurement model for the video stabilization method based on background motion that can accurately measure the performance of the video stabilization algorithm. Undesired residual motion present in the video can quantitatively be measured by the pixel by pixel background motion displacement between two consecutive background frames. First of all, foregrounds are removed from a stabilized video, and then we find the two-dimensional flow vectors for each pixel separately between two consecutive background frames. After that, we calculate a Euclidean distance between these two flow vectors for each pixel one by one, which is regarded as a displacement of each pixel. Then a total Euclidean distance of each frame is averaged to get a mean displacement for each pixel, which is called mean displacement error, and finally we calculate the average mean displacement error. Our experimental results show the effectiveness of our proposed method.


Video stabilization assessment, video stability measurement, video quality assessment, video stabilization, mean displacement error

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