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In this paper, we proposed a lexicon for emotion analysis in Turkish for six emotional categories happiness, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, and surprise. Besides, we also investigated the effects of a lemmatizer and a stemmer, two term-weighting schemes, four lexicon enrichment methods, and a term selection approach for lexicon construction. To do this, we generated Turkish emotion lexicon based on a dataset, TREMO, containing 25,989 documents. We then preprocessed the documents to obtain dictionary and stem forms of each term using a lemmatizer and a stemmer. Afterwards, we proposed two different weighting schemes where term frequency, term-class frequency and mutual information (MI) values for six emotion categories are taken into consideration. We then enriched the lexicon by using bigram and concept hierarchy methods, and performed term selection for efficiency issues. Then, we compared the performance of lexicon-based approach with machine learning based approach by using our proposed lexicon. The experiments showed that the use of the proposed lexicon efficiently produces comparable results in emotion analysis in Turkish text


Turkish emotion lexicon, emotion extraction, lexicon-based emotion analysis, key word-spotting, Turkish emotion analysis

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