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The prey-predator algorithm is a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the interaction between a predator and its prey. Initial solutions are put into three categories: the better performing solution as the best prey, the worst performing solution as a predator, and the rest as ordinary prey. The best prey totally focuses on exploiting its neighborhood while the predator explores the search space searching for a promising region in the search space. The ordinary prey will be affected by these two extreme search behaviors of exploration and exploitation. The algorithm has been tested and found to be effective in solving different problems arising from different disciplines including engineering, tourism, and management. Originally, the algorithm was designed to deal with continuous problems. However, many problems arising from real aspects are not continuous. Hence, in this paper the prey-predator algorithm will be extended to suit discrete problems. Examination timetabling is used to test the approach. The simulation results with appropriate statistical analysis show that the approach is as good as the cumulative best performance of results recorded in the literature for the selected benchmark problems.


Prey-predator algorithm, discrete prey-predator algorithm, metaheuristic, combinatorial optimization, examination timetabling

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