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Recent studies have shown, contrary to what was previously believed, that by exploiting correlation in stochastic computing (SC) designs, more accurate SC circuits with low area cost can be realized. However, if these basic SC circuits or blocks are cascaded in series to form a large complex system, correlation between stochastic numbers (SNs) from one block to the next would be lost; thus, inaccuracies are introduced. In this study, we propose correlating circuits to be used in building complex correlated SC systems. One of the circuits is the correlator that restores lost correlations between two SNs due to previous processing. In addition, a correlated SN generator is introduced to generate SN correlated to a specific SN. Experimental results show that our methods have improved the accuracy of stochastic computation and preserved the stochastic computing correlation without the need for conversion from SC to the conventional binary-encoded computing, and vice versa. Consequently, lower latency and lower area cost are achieved.


Stochastic computing, correlation, image processing

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