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Power system robustness against overload condition is a challenging issue in the fields of power system planning and operation. In this paper, two indices are proposed to evaluate power system robustness. The proposed indices are used to identify critical lines whose failure is due to overload, leading the power system to cascading outages and blackout. The first proposed index is a linear index. The second index is based on graph theory metrics. To prevent cascading outages, system robustness is calculated for all N-1 and N-2 contingencies. The lines whose outages lead to the smallest robustness values are considered as critical lines. The proposed indices are validated by applying to the IEEE 118-bus test system. Simulation results demonstrate the capability of both indices in identifying critical lines. Therefore, the purposed indices could be used as a reliable metric to apply preventive actions against possible cascading outages and blackouts.


Blackout, cascading failure, power system robustness, graph theory

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