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This study proposes a new AC/AC "phase hopping" frequency conversion method based on the analyses of the disadvantages of the conventional cosine wave-crossing method. The advantages of this new method include no circulating current, no dead time, and an output frequency close to the power frequency. This study also introduces the basic principles of the "phase hopping" method and analyzes these principles combined with the voltage phase-changing comparison to that of the cosine wave-crossing method. The "phase hopping" principles are used to analyze the generation of thyristor trigger pulses, including the generation time and duration. A simulation is conducted in MATLAB, and the simulation output waveform and harmonic analysis results are then obtained. The proposed approach is verified on an experimental platform. Consequently, the results are in good agreement with those of the theoretical and simulation analyses.


AC/AC frequency conversion, cosine wave-crossing method, "phase hopping", MATLAB

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