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This paper presents a new method to determine the optimal number and locations of autorecloser and sectionalizer switches (AR/S) in distribution networks. The costs of AR/S investment, switch maintenance, and undistributed energy as well as reliability coefficients are considered in the objective function. Reliability parameters such as SAIFI, SADI, MAIFI, and ENS are evaluated in the case study system. As a new method, the weights of the reliability parameters are obtained by decision-makers using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP). The optimal size, type, and location of automatic switches are determined by minimizing the objective function using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The effectiveness of the proposed method is tested by implementing it on two feeders of Isfahan's electric distribution network. The results indicate the efficiency and applicability of the proposed method.


AHP analysis, reliability parameters, objective function, PSO algorithm, autorecloser and sectionalizer switches, optimal placement

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