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For continuous real-time monitoring of personal health, wearable devices are indispensable. The constraintsof cost, power consumption, and limited device dimensions are the critical issues which need to be handled carefullywhile designing these battery-powered devices. The wearables employ high-end processors dedicated for complex signalprocessing. The core of every digital signal processor is its data path. The arithmetic units like adders constitute thecore of data path and addressing unit. This work proposes a novel low-complexity asynchronous pipelined adder. Theproposed design guarantees great savings in power and latency, which makes it a suitable candidate for low-power high-speed sophisticated wearables. The proposed design consumes a minimum power of 33.46 ?W and offers a minimumpropagationdelayof 0.04ns incomparison tostate-of-artadders suchas ripplecarry adder(RCA),carry lookahead adder(CLA), and carry select adder (CSA). Thus, an area-delay-power efficient adder design guarantees high-end performancefor wearables.


C-element, asynchronous, adders, pipeline, completion detection, process voltage temperature, completiondetection circuit, complementary metal oxide semiconductor, integrated circuits

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