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Recently, the metaheuristic optimization algorithms inspired by nature and different science branches have been powerful solution methods for unconstrained, constrained, and engineering problems. Various metaheuristic optimization algorithms have been proposed and they have been applied to problems in different fields. This paper proposes a novel optimization method based on a modified version of the Golden Sine Algorithm for solving unconstrained, constrained, and engineering problems. The basic idea behind the proposed modified Golden Sine Algorithm (GoldSA-II) depends on finding the optimum solution field in search space by using the decreasing pattern of the sine function and the golden ratio. The performance of the proposed GoldSA-II is evaluated using 19 unconstrained benchmark functions, five constrained optimization test problems, and five real engineering design problems. The results of the proposed GoldSA-II are compared with best-known optimization algorithms using some well-known criteria. The obtained results show that the GoldSA-II converges more accurately to the global solution in many benchmark functions.


Benchmark testing, Golden Sine Algorithm, metaheuristic algorithms, optimization methods

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