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This paper presents an improved average model and evaluation of an 18-pulse autotransformer rectifier unit (ATRU) in differential delta configuration. Average models remove the switching behavior of diode rectifiers and high bandwidth transients, which not only facilitates simulation of power systems by reducing computational cost but also enables impedance-based stability analysis for large complex power systems. To experimentally validate the proposed average model, a 2-kW, 18-pulse ATRU has been tested and the results of the derived model are compared with those of the switching model and experimental prototype. Computed transfer function of load impedance from the proposed average model closely resembles those of the switching model and the experimentally measured results validate the modeling procedure. Furthermore, stability analysis of the 18-pulse ATRU may be executed based on the return ratio of source and load impedance.


Autotransformer rectifier unit, return ratio, average models, high bandwidth transients

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