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This work presents the results of our studies on the electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of small-in-size samples of ferrite composition microwave absorber prepared by using the ceramic method. The shielding effectiveness measurement was performed using the complex intrinsic parameters of the material. The coaxial holder method with the well-known test technique based on transmission/reflection measurements was used in the experimental setup. Complex intrinsic parameters were measured in the frequency range of 2-18 GHz by using the Nicholson - Ross - Weir (NRW) method with an automated test setup. First, the shielding effectiveness was measured by conventional test method and then it was calculated using complex intrinsic parameters with the NRW method. Comparison was made between measured and calculated SEs. By using a new method the SE was determined as a function of the complex intrinsic parameters of materials ε μ and frequency. This method is preferred in order to provide higher accuracy in determining material electromagnetic shielding effectiveness for small-in-size materials. For the first time, the shielding effectiveness of small-sized samples has been measured in the frequency range between 2 and 18 GHz by using the NRW method.


Electromagnetic interference, ceramic technology, coaxial transmission line, complex intrinsic parameters, microwave absorber, shielding effectiveness measurement

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