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Early diagnosis is a very fundamental issue in treating most diseases and for this purpose microcantilevers are very effective and reliable devices. In this work, four models of biosensor-based microcantilever are compared and a novel design with high sensitivity, quality factor, and accuracy is proposed. A truss structure is designed near the anchored end of the microcantilever, which improves the sensitivity in order to increase detection accuracy. A linear relationship between resonance frequency shift and masses has been estimated for all the designs. High quality factor, which increases the accuracy of measurement, is taken into account as the other benefit of the proposed design. These microcantilevers can be used as an array for multiple early diagnosis of cancer and moreover these features will improve clinical applications of cantilever sensors for early disease diagnosis.


Microcantilever, nanomechanical sensor, label-free, surface stress, air damping, sensitivity, quality factor

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