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The image reconstruction algorithm of diffuse optical tomography (DOT) is based on the diffusion equation and involves both the forward problem and inverse solution. The forward problem solves the diffusion equation using the finite element method for calculating the transmitted light distribution under the condition of presumed light source and optical coefficient. The inverse solution reconstructs the optical property coefficient distribution using Newton's method. The work within this study develops an image reconstruction algorithm for frequency-domain DOT. A numerical simulations approach to light propagation in the tissue is conducted, while the optical property is reconstructed employing data around the boundary. We implement different designated simulation cases, including different contrast ratios of absorption and reduced scattering coefficient of inclusion with respect to the background used for verifying the results of the forward problem and the developed reconstruction algorithm. Reconstruction results indicate that the quality of reconstructed images can be effective for screening breast cancer.


Diffuse optical tomography, frequency domain, image reconstruction

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