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Performing cyber maneuvers in an operational environment is not easy. We need a cyber-situational awareness framework to perform its maneuvers to protect the cyberspace and to cope with its attacks. The battlefield provided has essential information for detecting cybercrime events. The present study resolved the challenges of implementing these maneuvers through dynamic simulation of the cyber battlefield. The cyber battlefield contains detailed information on cyberspace elements, including the vulnerability knowledge repository, the tangible and intangible components of the cyberspace allowing maneuvering, penetration testing, injection attacks, tracking attacks, visualization, evaluation of the impact of cyberattacks, and risk evaluation. By injecting attacks and using the proposed algorithms, an impact assessment of each attack step on each of the elements of the environment has been done to identify potential threats. Using the proposed algorithms, an impact assessment has been performed on each of the environmental elements in order to identify potential threats. A dynamic updating simulator engine has been designed to update the vulnerability knowledge base automatically and change the topology and features of elements, accesses, services, hosts, and users. Modeling and simulation were evaluated using a qualitative research method and creating a focus group.


Cyber maneuvers, cyber defense, cyberspace simulator, cyber battlefield

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