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Analytical mechanics methods play an important role in determining the energy function and Hamilton realization of a system. In this paper, the Hamilton function of the system is obtained directly from the system differential equation by means of analytical mechanics. In addition, the system Hamiltonization process requires that the system must be even order, and the commonly used generator model is a single-axis third-order model. For this reason, the odd-order power system model is extended to an even-order system. The Hamilton function of the system is deduced with coordinate transformation and the generalized force. Then the standard form of Hamilton realization for the multimachine power system is given. Based on the basic principle of nonconservative analytical mechanics and the state feedback control law of the power system, the stability control law of the multimachine power system is designed, which makes the system become asymptotically stable in the neighborhood of the equilibrium point. The control of the IEEE 14 is simulated with MATLAB utilizing the proposed controller. The control effect of the controller under the three-phase short-circuit fault is subsequently studied in the simulation, wherein the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is verified.


Hamilton realization, analytical mechanics, energy function, asymptotical stability

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