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The work proposed through this paper presents a novel technique applied for the control of a wind turbine generation system (WTGS) prototype. A model predictive control combined with a direct power control technique (MPC-DPC) based on SVM control and a novel switching cycle sequence pattern for thermal switch losses reduction have been adopted. The novel developed direct power control (DPC) scheme based on a multivariable filter (MVF) topology for power estimation process has been illustrated. The control of the converter system is adopted through a predictive control strategy to achieve a complete and an instantaneous control over the active and the reactive powers flowing from and to the converter. An experimental implementation has been achieved for the validation of the system using both real-time simulation mode and a full control system with hardware synchronization mode. A switches losses modelling was achieved to evaluate the performances of the proposed control technique.


Wind turbine generation system, MPC-DPC control technique, SVM control technique, switches cycle sequence pattern table, multivariable filter topology, instantaneous active and reactive power control, wind chain buck to buck power electronic converter, FPGA system control implementation, real-time control system, thermal switches losses modelling

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