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This paper presents a novel approach for automatic generation control (AGC) as an integrated two-area thermal-hybrid power generation system (THPGS) where thermal generators are interconnected with various renewable power generators (RPGs) like a solar power generator (SPG), wind power generator (WPG), fuel cell, and aqua electrolyzer. A comparison is carried out between the THPGS and a normal thermal power system considering proportional integral and derivative controllers. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is used for optimizing the gain parameters of the controller. Investigation of dynamic responses is carried out considering step load perturbation as well as random load perturbation (RLP). Problems are formulated considering the variation in SPG and WPG power output in the presence of RLP in area 1 and the change in generation of SPG and WPG power in both areas for analyzing system stability and robustness. The investigation proves that PSO-optimized controllers are so robust that it is not necessary to change the parameter values of the controllers for a wide variation in SPG and WPG output power. Thus, integration of RPGs in AGC is properly applied for investigating the dynamic behaviors of the system. All the simulation works are implemented in MATLAB/Simulink software.


Automatic generation control, renewable power generators, wind power generator, solar power generator, fuel cell, aqua electrolyzer, thermal-hybrid power generation system, particle swarm optimization

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