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This paper presents a methodology for the transmission properties research of networks patterned according to the third-degree chordal graphs. When designing and analyzing ICT systems, it is vital to consider the topology of network components. The telecommunication network structure can be described by a graph. Computing modes or specialized computers are the vertexes and the edges are bidirectional, independent transmission channels that represent the connected nodes. The algorithm is potentially useful for the determination of the impact of diameter and an average path length of the chordal rings on the properties of the transmission network. It is also useful for the indications of alternate paths in the event of node or link failure. Two types of tests were conducted. The first of them is realized by the HTTP protocol and the second by the SSIM method. The obtained results confirmed that these parameters are decisive in the flow capacity and delaying the transferred data.


Network, information systems, chordal rings, graph, topology

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