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Efficient use of energy is an issue that the information technology (IT) world gives prominence to both in academia and industry. Cloud computing and the Internet of things, today's most popular subjects, make the efficient use of resources and energy even more important. Every year, millions of smart devices connected to the Internet increase the demand for data center capacity to provide service to those devices. This increases energy consumption in the IT sector. Thus, more efficient use of energy in these systems is of critical importance. The increase in the migration to cloud computing makes fast and efficient infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service services provided by Internet service providers important. On the other hand, virtual machines have been used for a long time as an alternative to physical servers. The application containerization concept is shaping the virtualization world by offering faster deployment, reduced resource consumption, easier manageability, and reduced energy consumption, as demonstrated in this study. Our study shows that this new concept is more energy-efficient than virtualization technologies that are currently being used.


Virtualization, containerization, Docker, data center, energy efficiency

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