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Extracting 3D information from 2D images is an inverse estimation problem and a challenging task in itself. The aim of 2D to 3D reconstruction is to generate either a volume or a surface representing the object from multiple views. This paper presents a simple and accurate multiple-view volumetric 3D reconstruction method using an integrated approach based on homography estimation and voxel mapping. The homography-based approaches give accurate estimates but do not provide system dynamics. The voxel-based volumetric reconstruction methods provide system dynamics that are essential for system modeling. However, they face challenges while modeling the concavities. This paper presents a proposed 3D reconstruction method that combines homography estimation and the voxel mapping approach for improving the accuracy of 3D reconstruction. Experimental results show that the method efficiently reconstructs objects of known and unknown shape, fragile objects, and complex scenes with multiple objects. The use of homography along with voxel mapping in a multiple-camera environment brings out more details of the object for improving the quality of reconstruction.


Voxel mapping, volumetric reconstruction, homography, camera calibration, multiple-camera environment

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