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Biometric technology is rapidly being adopted in wide variety of security applications. However, the system itself is not completely foolproof and is vulnerable to many attacks. Some of the attacks on the biometric system are very severe, one of which is the attack on template security. In spite of the various template security techniques presented in the literature, none of them is able to provide security, diversity, revocability, and good performance simultaneously to the biometric system. Fuzzy vault is one of the most promising bio-cryptographic techniques to prevent the template data from being misused. To make the fuzzy vault practically realizable in real-life applications especially for large databases, the chaff generation time needs to be reduced to a greater extent. This work focuses on decreasing the chaff generation time to reduce the overall vault creation time. The approach presented in the paper has also been tested on real-time dedicated hardware using fingerprint data acquired in real time by using a fingerprint sensor Verifier 300LC to bridge the gap between the research and real-time application scenarios.


Biometrics, biometric security, fingerprint recognition, template security, fuzzy vault, chaff points, micro- controllers

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