Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




In this paper, a novel perturbed particle swarm optimization (PPSO) algorithm is investigated to improve the performance of a support vector machine (SVM) for short-circuit fault diagnosis in power distribution systems. In the proposed PPSO algorithm, the velocity of each particle is perturbed whenever the particles strike into a local optimum, in order to achieve a higher quality solution to optimization problems. Furthermore, the concept of proposed perturbation is applied to three variants of PSO, and improved corresponding algorithms are named perturbed C-PSO (PC-PSO), perturbed T-PSO (PT-PSO), and perturbed K-PSO (PK-PSO). For the purpose of fault diagnosis, the time- domain re ectometry (TDR) method with pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) excitation is considered to generate the necessary fault simulation data set. The proposed approaches are tested on a typical two-lateral radial distribution network.


Fault diagnosis, particle swarm optimization, power distribution networks support vector machine, time- domain re ectometry

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