Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences




This paper addresses the extraction of accurate frequency-dependent per-unit-length RLGC parameters for busbar distribution systems using measured S-parameters for the CENELEC and FCC bands. A busbar is a distribution system element (three phase, low voltage) with a modular structure that carries electrical energy in buildings. The S-parameters of a busbar distribution system at different current levels (630 A, 1250 A, 2000 A) are measured with a vector network analyzer and then analyzed for three different two-port connections (L1-N, L2-N, L3-N). A frequency- dependent RLGC(f) model is used to characterize the busbar as a transmission line using a derivative-free optimization algorithm. A time-domain causality check is also conducted. Estimated RLGC parameters are presented along with characteristic impedance and propagation constant. Good agreement has been achieved between measured and estimated S-parameters.


Busbar distribution system, characteristic impedance, modeling, narrow band, parameter optimization, power line communication, propagation constant, RLGC parameter estimation, smart grid, S-parameters

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