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The establishment of an efficient broadcast routing technique in a multiple input multiple output (MIMO)- based mobile ad hoc network is a challenge in wireless communication. MIMO configuration provides enhancement of data throughput even under conditions of interference and multipath fading. Improvement of transmission efficiency by increasing saturation throughput, reducing transmission delay, and minimizing bit error rate is the main motivation of the present work. In this paper a hybrid routing algorithm, fragment-based transmission using minimum power consumed routing, has been developed. It is an integration of the cooperative transmission process and fragmentation of packet payload. The routing algorithm is developed on selecting the best suitable relay node considering effective received signal strength and probability of successful packet transmission. The broadcasting mechanism is done by using multiple fragment of packet transmission through MIMO channel by using a suitable relay node. The performance analysis of this proposed routing algorithm increases the signal to noise interference ratio, resulting in minimization of BER, improvement of saturation throughput, and reduced transmission delay.


Mobile ad hoc network, multiple input multiple output, cooperative transmission, fragmentation, through- put, transmission delay

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