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In this paper, we deliver a new method to remove salt and pepper noise, which we refer to as based on pixel density filter (BPDF). The first step of the method is to determine whether or not a pixel is noisy, and then we decide on an adaptive window size that accepts the noisy pixel as the center. The most repetitive noiseless pixel value within the window is set as the new pixel value. By using 18 test images, we give the results of peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), structural similarity (SSIM), image enhancement factor (IEF), standard median filter (SMF), adaptive median filter (AMF), adaptive fuzzy filter (AFM), progressive switching median filter (PSMF), decision-based algorithm (DBA), modified decision-based unsymmetrical trimmed median filter (MDBUTMF), noise adaptive fuzzy switching median filter (NAFSM), and BPDF. The results show that BPDF produces better results than the above-mentioned methods at low and medium noise density.


Noise removal, salt and pepper noise, image denoising, impulse noise

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