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Balanced distribution of the energy load of the sensors is important for the elongation of wireless sensor network (WSN) lifetimes. There are four main WSN design issues affecting the energy distribution among the sensors: sensor locations, sensor activity schedules, mobile sink routes, and data flow routes. Many studies try to make energy usage more efficient through optimal determination of these design issues. However, only very few studies handle these four design issues in a combined manner. Additionally, the cost of the sinks is neglected in all studies. In this study, a mixed integer linear program is first proposed, in which the cost of the sinks is taken into consideration in terms of lifetime hours and the four design issues are integrated. Next, a heuristic solution procedure for the solution of large network instances is offered and the efficiency of the heuristic is proven by comparing its performance with that of commercial solvers in extensive numerical instances.


Wireless sensor networks, mixed integer linear program, sink costs

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