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A simple planar inverted-f antenna for universal serial bus dongles covering the frequency from 1.6 GHz to more than 3.6 GHz in a single band is presented in this paper. The height of the planar inverted-f antenna is only 3 mm and the dimensions of the ground plane are set equal to the usual size of a universal serial bus dongle (20 mm $\times $ 55 mm). For further enhancement in impedance bandwidth, a rectangular strip is etched on the ground plane. The frequency bands covered by this antenna include LTE / AWS / UMTS (1700), DCS (1800), PCS / LTE (1900), IMT / UMTS (2000), AWS / LTE (2100), WLAN / Bluetooth (2450), WiMAX / LTE (2500-2700), and LTE (3500) and can be employed in universal serial bus dongle applications for 3rd generation and 4th generation wireless communication standards. A prototype of the proposed antenna is fabricated to compare the measured results with the simulated ones.


Planar antennas, planar inverted-f antennas, universal serial bus, long term evolution, 3rd generation wireless communication standard, 4th generation wireless communication standard

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