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In this study, the simulation of an electrification system and traction power system of a 25 kV AC feed railway line was performed with all its subcomponents using MATLAB/Simulink. The power flow theory was used while modeling the railway electrification system. The transformer substation, catenary, rail, and vehicle were modeled together with the operational data. This model is used in order to determine the number of transformers, the distance of feeding centers, and the frequency of trips. The optimum design of electrification projects depends on these criteria. A dynamic structure was created with a new algorithm developed for vehicle load characteristics. The simulation of the electrification system and traction power system is performed before the analysis stage, together with the vehicle and other design parameters. This analysis is performed for the best performance of the systems. In this study, the power simulation of the railway was conducted for three different operation scenarios using MATLAB/Simulink.


Electrification, line, power flow, railway, traction power

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