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An automated module has been developed, implemented, and validated for the characterization of four-terminal-pair capacitance standards using an impedance-matrix method. These air-dielectric capacitance standards are being used as reference or transfer standards of capacitance at high frequency across national metrology institutes worldwide. In the reported work, an automated characterization module performs the acquisition of reference capacitance and residual capacitive parameters from an ultraprecision capacitance bridge. It also acquires single-port reactances of the capacitance standard from an impedance analyzer at frequencies ranging from 40 MHz to 100 MHz. The acquired capacitive and reactance parameters are stored structurally in arrays from where they are further analyzed according to the impedance-matrix method. The frequency characteristics of four-terminal-pair capacitance standards are thereafter estimated up to 10 MHz and are presented through a user-friendly interface. An automated module provides a reliable, precise, and efficient way to control the frequency characterization of reference standards of capacitance. The reported work emphasizes the importance of automated modules to control complex procedures, which are involved in the advancement of metrology.


Automation, capacitance standards, impedance, measurement, extrapolation

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