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This paper presents fractal-based inductors for industrial, scientific, and medical applications in a frequency range of 3--500 MHz. The proposed inductors are designed based on the Hilbert space-filling curve and omega-shaped space-filling curve. The fractal inductors are designed and simulated by using a full wave high frequency structural simulator. The Hilbert curve-based fractal loop inductor and omega curve-based fractal loop inductor achieve improvements in the inductance value of 21% to 31% and 11% to 30.88%, respectively, over reported standard inductors. The printed inductors are constructed on 3.2 mm RT/Duroid 5770 substrate and measured with a network analyzer (E8363B). It was found that the experimental results are almost in good agreement with the simulation results. It was also observed that the proposed fractal inductors have poor radiating power, indicating no significant electromagnetic radiation.


High frequency structural simulator, inductance value, printed circuit board, quality factor, self resonant frequency

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