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Refrigerators are one of the main devices used in our daily lives, and they play important roles in storing food and maintaining its freshness. Refrigerator manufacturing is improving day by day and it is important for the appliance to present a diverse array of functions to its users, since usage requirements vary from region to region. For this purpose, refrigerators must pass through various performance tests like an energy efficiency test while they are produced in factories. Factories have designated testing rooms for these performance tests. After the products' release, technical services and customers do not have such a luxury of pretesting the machines.In this study, a portable performance-testing device was designed specifically for household refrigerators. Experimental analyses were based on the TS EN 15 502 standards, which are compatible with the IEC 62552 standards. The test series consisted of temperature, current, voltage, and humidity measurements. The control results were indicated by an Arduino-based microprocessor. The tests could be controlled by the users in real time via an LCD panel on top of the indicated testing device. The monitor showed the relevant interface programs written in C# and a web interface. Moreover, the developed setup could determine the energy efficiency class of refrigerators, among their other qualities.


Refrigerator, electrical measurements, energy efficiency

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