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The mathematical model of the equivalent circuit of a brushless DC motor switches during the operation due to commutation. This issue causes a sudden ripple in the output torque, which is called commutation torque ripple. Brushless DC motor drives suffer from commutation torque ripple, affecting the performance of the motor in practical applications. A discrete-time switched controller is proposed to reduce the commutation torque ripple in brushless DC motor drives. The proposed controller is a combination of two distinct controllers designed for two different working regions of brushless DC motors. In addition, the commutation delay is also considered in the controller and a predictive structure is implemented to reduce this effect. The overall control scheme consisted of the switched controller and the commutation delay compensation, showing the originality of this study. The performance of the proposed controller scheme is tested through various comprehensive experiments to illustrate its effectiveness and viability.


Brushless DC motor, commutation torque ripple, switched control, commutation delay compensation

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