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Carrier aggregation (CA) in long-term evolution advanced (LTE-A) networks is a promising tool for providing bandwidth extension for high data rate communication. In CA, the efficient scheduling of carriers has imposed a new challenge in the design of delay-sensitive carrier scheduling for mobile multimedia applications. In this paper, a new dynamic slot-based carrier scheduling scheme has been proposed for efficient resource allocation to support the quality of service (QoS) of mobile traffic over CA transmission. The key idea of this scheduling is the allocation of slots for each component carrier based on the queue state information, taking into consideration the priority based on the delay requirements of individual mobile multimedia traffic. Two different cases of the scheduler with and without priority are implemented to facilitate the performance comparison. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme provides better spectrum utilization, throughput, and delay performance than the existing scheduling scheme and improves delay-sensitive mobile traffic QoS.


Carrier aggregation, carrier scheduling, multimedia traffic, quality of service, queue state information, priority

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